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it’s really interesting to compare madoka and princess tutu as ~~magical girl anime with a dark twist~~ because like. in madoka there is this ever present sense that the narrative is about punishing these little girls for their emotions and desires and making them suffer. like thats basically been confirmed by the creators and a bunch of other people have meta-ed about how it comes through in the canon better than i ever could

whereas princess tutu is VERY dark but that is explicitly because the story is being told by an adult man who. wants to see this little girl suffer and to narrative punish her for her emotions and desires. like thats very much a part of the canon narrative dynamic.

but the actual narrative of princess tutu, like the one constructed by the IRL creators, really does not do that shit. princess tutu believes that ahiru is strong and brave and deserves to be loved and rewarded for those things. and that “feelings are precious to whom they belong.” ahiru’s emotions and her desire for herself and her friends to be safe and happy are what save everyone in the end. her having strong emotions and desires, not only is just kind of part of being human, so to speak, but it also really makes her strong and makes her the person that she is. aka important and valuable and deserving of happiness


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