Faded Memories

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The imaged being used in the side bar was commission for me. I lost their account name on dA, if anyone could tell me who it is, I would really love it.

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I didn’t know yet the name of the emotion I felt. As I stood next to him looking at the village dyed in the light of the setting sun, my chest was filled with a sweet yet painful feeling.

Maybe this too was a fabricated scene. A dramatization made with a mix of similar episodes, sprinkled with a spice we call sentiment…

Be that as it may, these scenes still hold a special meaning for me to this day. The final memory of a life in a flawless world. A time when everything was in its place and there were no doubts about the future.

Even now, when I think of my first love, it still gives off a warm glow, like the setting sun. Even though that, and everything else would soon be swallowed by a bottomless void of sadness and emptiness.

- Shinsekai Yori (via stargazen)


Here’s the third set of codes for my Awakening Miis in Tomodachi Life. Unlike the Mii Maker set, these won’t be arranged in any particular order.

If I’ve found out a Mii’s all time favorite and worst foods, I’ll put them in the photo’s caption.

Part 1/Part 2/Part 3/Part 4/Part 5/Part 6/etc.


Yowamushi Pedal Mii’s I just made. Enjoy them in TomoLife <3












Someone requested I post these ouo

Here you go anon! (you might need to change the pronunciation though ;w;)

It should have the names, birthdays, and personality types, but you can change it if you want ouo;;

I tried my best on them! 

Track: The Jellyfish Song
Artist: DRAMAtical Murder & kazoo-goddess
Plays: 3263


So I was messing around in Audacity and Clear’s song by mashing up the original version and kazoo-goddess’s beautiful Acapella rendition of it, while slowing it down somewhat (along with some other effects), and this is what I got. Ain’t sure if it’s any good, but here.

[[EDIT: Upon request, a link to a downloadable version has been made.]]

Track: The Jellyfish Song ♥
Plays: 9527


I did a MIDI about this song, but here i can submit mp3 files only ( ≧Д≦)

well, hope you like it (●´∀`●)